Over 37,000 Native Americans in Montana are not registered to vote. To bridge this gap and ensure every voice is heard, we need to expand our team of Field Organizers.

When Bobbi Limberhand joined Western Native Voice, her vision was to be vital in mobilizing the Native vote within her urban community of Billings, Montana. Her unwavering dedication and strategic approach have been instrumental in breaking down barriers and empowering Native voices in Montana’s largest city. Bobbi’s tireless efforts have yielded significant increases in voter engagement in her short time here, networking, tabling at local events, and canvassing. 

Over 50% of Native Americans in Montana live in urban areas. Historically, mobilizing the urban area has been challenging due to a lack of knowledge about Native residents’ locations. With your support, we can recruit more dedicated field organizers like Bobbi to effectively canvas these regions and boost voter turnout. This expansion will amplify the Native Voice in Montana, ensuring that our communities are heard and represented in both urban and rural areas. Additionally, funding contributes to our efforts in voter outreach, education, and ensuring accessibility to polling places.

Today, Western Native Voice is raising money to hire more urban field organizers that will enable Native voters to have a voice in the 2024 elections. Our goal is to raise $50,000—will you help?