Expanding Horizons Youth Leadership Program

Expanding Horizons is a student-driven, Western Native Voice (WNV) steered program, which brings together high school students from across Montana to champion the preservation of tribal identity and culture and foster relationships between tribal and urban Native Americans. Historically, “Kill the Indian save the man,” coined by Army officer Richard Pratt, who created the first boarding school at Carlisle Indian School, sought to dismantle Native American identity and heritage. Western Native Voice provides a modern solution to a long historical issue; we know we cannot reverse generational trauma and its causes. However, we aim to give a start to unity and identity. At the same time, WNV seeks to provide educational opportunities and invest in the next generation. 

Western Native Voice seeks to educate students about government processes and how they can affect change in their communities, state, and nation. The program aligns with WNV’s four core programs: Leadership Development, Education, Civic Engagement, and Advocacy.

Fifteen scholarships will be awarded to Montana Indigenous high school students to attend this event.

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