WNV Day Labor Program works.

Western Native Voices’ mission is to expand and develop day labor worker centers across Montana’s rural and urban tribal communities.

Day laborers are employed on a temporary, day-to-day basis, and paid at the end of each day worked.

Other Services

  • Leadership training is provided for all workers participating in the day labor program
  • Workforce development will improve workers skill to enable long term success
  • Health and safety training is crucial for workers to have the knowledge of safety topics related to their jobs.

The Benefits


Receiving payment the day after the laborer worked will provide a feeling of stability and security.

New Skills

Day Laborers have the opportunity to learn new skills on the job.

Work Community

Working allows Laborers to practice teamwork, social, communication, and people skills.

Good Health

Having a job is good for mental health and boosts self esteem.