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Western Native Voice has a strong  presence at the Montana State Legislature. We encourage our members to engage and hold our elected officials accountable for adequately addressing issues affecting Native Americans in Montana. We rely on member communication tactics and relationships with Native and non-Native allies, including tribal governments and tribal colleges. Our success is only as strong as our members.

Below you will find a host of resources and tools that you can access by clicking on the links provided, as well as a list of bills supported and opposed by Western Native Voice. 

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Bills of note this session

WNV Supported

HB 16 Jennifer Carlson(R) HD 69 – Revise laws relating to child abuse and neglect proceedings

HB 18 Tyson T Running Wolf(D) HD 16 – Establish missing persons response team training grant program

HB 19 Tyson T Running Wolf(D) HD 16 – Revising laws related to Indian affairs and economic development

HB141 Llew Jones (R) HD 18 – Revise Blackfeet mitigation laws

HB 163 Tyson T Running Wolf (D) HD 16 – Revise and extend Missing Indigenous Persons Task Force

HB 287 Jonathan Windy Boy (D) HD 32 – Revise laws related to Indian language preservation

HB 300 – Frank Smith (D) HD 31 – Revise tobacco, alternative nicotine, and vapor product laws

HB 317 – Jonathan Windy Boy (D) HD 32 – Provide for the Montana Indian Child Welfare Act

HB 330 Frank Smith (D) HD 31 – Revise laws related to tribal DUI task forces

HB 346 Johnathan Windy Body D HD 32 – Revise the tribal computer programming scholarship program

HB 366 – Donavon Hawk (D) HD 76 – Increase penalties for passing school buses.

HB 388 Jonathan Windy Boy (D) HD 32 – Revise laws related to Indian Education for all

HB 350 Frank Smith (D) HD 31 – Generally revise country of origin labeling

HJ 1 Lola Sheldon-Galloway(R) HD 22 – Request interim study on missing youth

LC0174 Jonathan Windy Boy (D) HD 32 – Revise laws related to missing and murdered indigenous persons

LC2318 Frank Smith (D) HD 31 – Move the cowboy hall of fame back to Wolf Point

LC2323 Frank Smith (D) HD 31 – Generally revise country of origin labeling

LC3924 Susan Webber (D) SD 8 – Allow observance of Indigenous Peoples’ Day

LC3925 Susan Webber (D) SD 8 – Generally revise Montana Indian policy laws

LC3926 Susan Webber (D) SD 8 – Generally revise labor laws related to Indian reservations

LC4001 Jonathan Windy Boy (D) HD 32 – Generally revise class 7 license proficiency standards

LC4002 Jonathan Windy Boy (D) HD 32 – Generally revise Indian education laws

LC4004 Jonathan Windy Boy (D) HD 32 – Generally revise STOP Act

LC4010 Jonathan Windy Boy (D) HD 32 – Revise community health aide program laws

LC4211 Tyson T Running Wolf (D) HD 16 – Generally revise grow your own educator grant program

LC4220 Shane A Morigeau (D) SD 48 – Establish autism facilities grant program

SB 66 Mike Fox(D) SD 16 – Generally revise laws related to Montana national guard benefits and rights

SB 77 Shane A Morigeau(D) SD 48 – Generally revise laws related to redistricting data for inmates

SB 80 Mike Fox(D) SD 16 – Authorize investment authority for retained interest

SB 86 Shane Morigeau (D) SD 48 – Limiting number of registered voters in each election precinct.

SB 119 Susan Webber(D) SD 8 – Provide tribal property tax exemption to tribal members

SB 120 Susan Webber(D) SD 8 – Establish the Chief Earl Old Person memorial highway

SB 141 Shane A Morigeau (D) SD 48 – Create indigenous people’s day

SB 146 Shane A Morigeau(D) SD 48 – Revise laws relating to wage transparency

SB 277 Shane A Morigeau (D) SD 48 – Revise laws relating to victims of crime

SJ6 Susan Webber (D) SD 8 – Joint resolution to recongnize the Indian Boarding School Experience

WNV Opposed

HB 196 Lyn Hellegaard (R) HD 97 – Revise election laws related to the counting of votes

HB 206 Ron Marshall(R) HD 87  – Generally revise mill levy election laws

LC0031 Theresa Manzella (R) SD 44 – Limit the location of polling places and ballot receptacles

LC0034 Theresa Manzella (R) SD 44 – Limit absentee ballots to people in the military or with physical disabilities

LC0047 Theresa Manzella (R) SD 44 – Revise laws related to voting by recently registered voters

LC0048 Theresa Manzella (R) SD 44  – Revise laws related to ballot drop boxes

LC1964 Keith Regier (R) SD 3
Joint resolution regarding Indian reservations

LC3050 Joe Read (R) HD 93 – Assign oversight of water compacts and management to Public Service Commission

LC4236 Mike Lang (R) SD 17 – Resolution opposing bison introduction at Charles M. Russell Wildlife Refuge

LC4237 Mike Lang (R) SD 17  – Generally revise bison management law

LC4326 Matt Regier (R) HD 4 – Revise immunity provisions in CSKT water compact

LC4399 Joe Read (R) HD 93 – Revise laws related to CSKT water compact

SB 117 Shelley Vance(R) SD 34 – Prohibiting use of certain funds for conducting an election

SB 176 Keith Regier(R) SD 3 – Revise interim and statutory committee membership