Voter Registration

Register to Vote in Montana

How to Register and Vote for the 2022 Montana General Election

Special Notice

During the 2020 election, Montana went to an all-mail ballot due to the pandemic. Every person who was registered to vote, received a ballot in the mail. If you have always voted in person prior to the pandemic, you will not be receiving a ballot in the mail for the general election, unless you sign up for absentee voting. You will have to vote in person as usual.

Voter Registration

You can register to vote on the voter registration portal below or go in person to your county election office. Please check your voter registration to make sure your info is correct by going to:

Vote in Person

If you choose to vote in person, be sure to take a valid ID with you. You can find your nearest polling place by going to, then look under the Elections & Voter Services tab. A drivers’ license, tribal ID, military ID, or concealed carry permit work are all forms of acceptable identifications documents. ID’s must contain a photo, name and address.