Discover Your Voting Power with Western Native Voice’s Ballot Builder

Empower Your Vote!

Welcome to the Western Native Voice Ballot Builder, your essential tool for making informed decisions in the voting booth. Our Ballot Builder is designed to provide clarity and insight into the candidates, initiatives, and referenda specific to your community. Get ready to cast your vote with confidence!

Secure and Private

Our Ballot Builder is built with your privacy in mind. We do not collect or store any personal information you enter. You can be confident that your details and selections remain completely private.

How to Use the Ballot Builder in Three Easy Steps:

  1. Enter Your Details: Start by entering your home address. This ensures that you see the exact ballot you will encounter on election day, tailored to your local and state elections.
  2. Explore Your Ballot: Browse through the candidates and measures. Click on any item to expand detailed information including bios, policy positions, and endorsements. This comprehensive view helps you understand who and what you’re voting for.
  3. Make Informed Choices: Select your preferences as you go through the ballot. You can change your selections at any time before you finalize your choices. Use the summary page to review and adjust your selections until you’re satisfied.

Ready to Vote?

Use your selections as a guide when you fill out your actual ballot, whether you’re voting early, by mail, or at the polls on election day. Remember, every vote counts!